Students at Kopernikus-Gymnasium build ATLAS model

Together with their physics teacher Mr Wolf, the advanced physics course of the Kopernikus-Gymnasium in Duisburg built the ATLAS model designed by Sascha Mehlhase.

Over a period of 25 weeks, 14 dedicated students met with their teacher in their free time to bring the model to life, brick by brick. What started as a crazy idea developed into a meticulous and successful project that takes the passion for science and research at this school to a whole new level. The project was funded by the school’s booster club (Förderverein). Students and teachers are proud that Kopernikus-Gymnasium is one of the first schools in the world to successfully realise this fascinating project on its own. The model will be available to future generations of pupils to teach them about the fascination of particle physics.

ALICE model at Berlin high school

Together with two physics-enthusiastic teachers, students of the Gustav-Heinemann-Oberschule in Berlin built the ALICE model with almost 18,000 pieces. As part of a project week on the topic of particle physics, about 15 students explored the ALICE Experiment, how it works, and the physical questions posed by the experiment located at CERN. The students also gained further insights into life and work at CERN in a video conference with particle physicist Sascha Mehlhase.

Here are a few shots of the construction and the presentation:

ALICE model 2.0

© Julia Els

Earlier this month the second iteration of the ATLAS LEGO model was built at CERN for the time.
The construction manual for this revised version is online on the BYOPD website and this particular model was built by high-school students from Liceo Gandini, Lodi (Italy) and some ALICE summer students with the invaluable help of Johannes Nienhaus and Julia Els.

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